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by RRR

I am very protective of the great state of Louisiana.  At my 10 year long career at Ruth’s Chris Steak House (founded in New Orleans), I had the pleasure of traveling to NOLA and her surrounding areas many times.  The people, culture, food and beauty made it one of my favorite places in the U.S.

So when a restaurant touts the “Flavors of Louisiana”, but doesn’t have a single restaurant actually IN the state of Louisiana, I tend to eye roll.

However, one of my favorite YouTube viewers requested that I recreate the Seafood Bread from Storming Crab.  As usual, I dug into my research of the recipe and found that their Seafood Bread is a bit of a cult favorite.  A virtual celebrity, in it’s own right.  I emailed the Chef and requested the recipe, explaining the situation.  I was met with genuine support and friendliness and was able to get the recipe.  So, already scoring points with me.

When I made it for my trial-run, I thought “OK.  OK. This cult favorite thing has some merit.  This sh*t is DELICIOUS!”

I had extra, so I gave some to my neighbors, who also raved about it.  In fact, the next time I saw them, they asked when the video was dropping so that they could make it in their own home.

Fast forward, I have made it about 6 times since and it is always a hit.  It is a great appetizer or hors d’oeuvres for entertaining because it seems “fancy”, even though it is inexpensive.  The recipe calls for imitation crab (not real crab), which is a fraction of the cost and readily available everywhere.  The seafood topping can be made 2 days in advance,  so the only thing left to do when guests arrive, is to top it with the cheese and pop it in the oven.  More time for you to enjoy a drink with your friends!

And it feeds A LOT.  Wait, did I say a lot?  I meant like the 5th Army.  But you can easily cut the seafood mixture recipe down to half or less and buy a smaller hoagie loaf.  But, you may not want to.  The leftovers make for a great next-day, hangover breakfast after too many said drinks with friends.  Not that I have any experience with that, though.

For more great appetizer recipes, try Red Lobster’s Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms and Seasons 52 Lobster Flatbread.  Enjoy!

Storming Crab's Seafood Bread

Serves: 6-8 large Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 418 calories 23 grams fat
Rating: 3.6/5
( 8 voted )


  • 2 cups mayonnaise, Dukes pref.
  • 16 oz. imitation (mock) crab, finely chopped
  • 1 ½ cups yellow cheddar cheese, freshly grated
  • 3 cups whole milk mozzarella cheese, freshly grated
  • 1/3 cup fresh parsley, very finely chopped
  • 2 TBL fresh garlic, minced
  • 2 tsp Paul Prudhomme seasoning
  • 1 dense loaf of hoagie-style bread


Combine all seafood mix ingredients, very well.  Make sure the mayonnaise is well incorporated, as it acts like a binder for the rest of the ingredients.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Place the bread loaf on a parchment-lined sheet tray.  Cut the hoagie loaf down the middle, lengthwise and clean through, making 2 halves.

Generously scoop the seafood mix onto each of the hoagie halves.  Use a rubber spatula to smear the mixture evenly across all bread surface.

Bake the loaves on the sheet tray and on the center rack for 7 minutes, or more depending on your oven.  You are looking for the cheese to be completely melted and the slightest shadow of brown on top.  Once the seafood bread is done, remove it from the oven and allow to rest on the counter before cutting and serving.  Cut the slices into 4” width.

Serve with RED LOBSTER’S Parrot Isle Shrimp and BUFFALO WILD WINGS Asian Zing Wings for a great appetizer party!


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Tracey A April 21, 2023 - 2:07 pm

This was a great starting point for the Storming Crab seafood bread. THANK YOU! I actually made my poor hubby run back and forth an hour away while we tweaked your basic recipe. Please test this and see how it compares. Dukes was a MUST. No other mayo came close to the flavor. But we cut it in half, using only 1 cup. The imitation crab was a lot more economical and I felt much safer using it, but we quartered it and only used 4 oz. Used Old Bay seasoning because we don’t have Prudhomme seasoning up here in the northeast. Kept everything else the same. When it came to the construction, I found that adding a layer of unsalted butter to the bread, slathering on the crab mix and refridgerating it for 24 hours or freezing it indefinitely before baking gave it the irresistable “doughieness.”


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